“While I have allowed my stream of consciousness thoughts to pour out of me with reckless abandon, my editing skills have yet to follow. Jean Elizabeth picks up the slack there for sure. Jean Elizabeth not only fixes the inevitable wonder spelling and wayward punctuation, but also makes the structural changes needed in order to allow people outside of my own head kinda get what I am saying. Thank you Jean Elizabeth!” -Trä Hitt, July 2020 (Oaxaca, Mexico)

“Jean Elizabeth works efficient and professional. She has a gift of reading between the lines, understanding what it is that I mean to say, and to put it into the right words much better than I did. She has the perfect distance to reading the text that I have thought about almost too much and she makes a great effort to listen for the true meaning before offering her suggestions. My text sounds much more professional with her edits. I will absolutely have her edit any work that I need for my business again. I can highly recommend her services.” -Sandra Vincent June 2020 (Colorado, USA)

“I’m sure what most people think they want from an editor or copywriter is efficiency and technical proficiency right? Jean Elizabeth of course offers those things in spades but what I value most about her is the way she does business with her whole self. Her values guide how she does everything and so you know you’re going to not only get the nuts and bolts, you’re going to get heart too. A human who does what they says they’re going to – her word is solid. Her eye for expression is spot on. Her commitment to helping others visualise what they’re trying to say is authentic.” -Sarah Beale July 2020 (Adelaide, South Australia)